I am six feet two and love to wear my high heels. Born and raised in Germany.  Growing up there I took the opportunity to travel, educate on variety of countries and cultures, which has kept me very open-minded and uninhibited. (Sinister laugh)

I reside in Atlanta Georgia which is a very diverse city despite it being located in the South. Here you will find a large lifestyle community and several enjoyable lifestyle clubs. I travel across the USA presenting on a variety of BDSM topics and demonstrations. I do enjoy modeling and videoing for production companies.


Insatiable Amazon

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The first question I would like to ask is how you got involved in SM / Fetish

It was about twenty years ago upon meeting a much older individual whom brought me into this world of s/m. I find it quite astounding that something of this nature can bring two people so close together. My first play party seeing and hearing all that went on was fascinating and so astounding but came natural to me. Since at a young I have always been intrigued by the human mind and body. Last twenty years have been a full filling wonderful supah journey.

Why did you choose to be a Mistress?
I choose to be for I find it great to taking individuals to the brink and educating them about their minds and body.  Rid of all the cliques that are imbedded in theirs brains from society.

Are you natural dominant?
Yes I am no doubt about that.

Can You describe Your style of Domination?
 My style is sensual to hardcore. Changes depending on what type session and what the objective is.

Do you have your on dungeon or do you work only outcall?
I have my own private space stock with a variety of implements and equipment.

Where do you work and what slaves must do to have the chance to meet you for a session?
Work in Atlanta and I do travel. slaves desiring to have a session with me they must be sincere, open minded and I definitely do not tolerate rudeness.

Do you have personal slaves?
No not at this time however I have several part timers that are available when I need them.

Are your session for men only or couple are also accepted?
Anyone is accepted in my realm as long as you’re twenty one or older.  Even if you’re alien, come on in.  Majority of individual’s desire to have an experience of bdsm. I say full fill your fantasy at least once or twice year.  If you can do more then that well then go for it.

I noticed that you are really enjoying yourself while dominating men. Is there really a play you enjoy more than another?
I am not into scat!!  For the last several years I have been really enjoying humiliation and interrogation scenes. The mind aspect of that type of role play is exciting to me.

What do you think it s necessary to have a good SM session and experience?
 Knowing your implements, Communication and learning body language. It really starts at the mind and trickles down the rest of one’s body, soul and spirit.

Do you think a relationship Mistress/slave is deeper or stronger than any other kind of relationship?
Most definitely yes!   A slave whom wants to full fill every aspect of what a Mistress needs from their heart  and the Mistress taking the slave to all different level of play and life. From my experience it is an extraordinary dance which one can not find in the “vanilla” world.


Thank you Insatiable Amazon

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